By way of introduction…

…my men…

New Years Day 2013

The littley is Jody.  He turned two back in November and is, like most of his age, a pickle, a giggle, and a whole lot of hard work but just too scrummy not to be instantly forgiven.  Referred to affectionately around here as ‘bear’s breath’; you know he’s about.  He makes me wonder if he’s been here before, his feet are that firmly planted on the earth and his mind so very set.  We all adore him.

The middle-sized one is Archie.  He’s six.  He has the most amazing eyelashes; I should know, I’ve counted every single one of them.  He’s clever, persistent, and has such a strong sense of what is right.  He’s complicated, quirky and not altogether easy to parent but he’s kind, has a good heart and is a great big brother.  He needs something a little bit extra special, our Archie, and as parents we’re working on that.  My special No1.

The daddy-sized one is Spencer.  Our rock and also our bread and butter who works hard so that I can be a full time Mum to our boys.  Yes, he can be gruff, yes he may well have fared better as a 1970s dad but he seems to be on the recieving end of all the kisses and cuddles from the boys so he is definitely doing something right!   The man must be a saint.

…And me.

I’m the one with lots of plans and slightly less action but I mean well and I love my little family to its very core.  A little too hectic, a little too negative, a little too self-critical, perhaps?  Loyal, yes, stubborn, a bit.  I’m working on being more patient and kind.  Take a look at the About page to learn what is currently making me tick and to find out a little about what I hope to achieve.



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