A little letting go

My baby started pre-school today without a backwards glance.  It would appear he was more ready for letting go and finding some space than I perhaps was.

Or maybe the digger which is helping to re-landscape the playgroup garden was simply more interesting than worrying about where Mummy was?

Going into playschoolReachingPeg

6 thoughts on “A little letting go

    • Thank you, Jess – it is. The next day he wasn’t quite so enthusiastic but unlike my Boy1, he didn’t need to be peeled off of me sobbing. Just a little reluctant and lasted half an hour or so before he needed to me to pop my head in x

    • Hi Lila. Yup, Jody is a confident little chap. I think it is in part down to following a brother who’s 4 years older perhaps? The prying off of the leg/neck has often been the case with my bigger boy, even very recently at age 6! Such a delicate little one he is. Thanks for coming by x

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