I was lucky enough to get some Christmas spending money from my Mum and Dad (Yay – I don’t think I will ever truly grow up!) and I spent some of it this week on several new books…

The first few are crazily practical.  As a rule I am not one for reference books; yes, I love the look and feel of them but really, I never truly read them.  And as for instruction manuals – hate, no DETEST them.  So I hope I haven’t wasted my Christmas pennies on these…

Modern Quilts Traditional InspirationUltimate Quilting Bible by Marie Clayton – I hope this book is going to teach me the basics of quilting though I guess it can’t provide me with the time or patience, that bit’s down to me!

Then this one by Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration which has instructions for creating the most amazing contemporary/geometric quilts I’ve ever seen.  Exactly the type of quilts I am keen to make.  They are clearly not for the novice but as usual I find myself rushing forwards, I’m just so impatient.

The third of my practical book purchases was Heidi Adnum’s The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos.  This is in anticipation of plans I have for turning some crafting ideas into a wee business venture.  I’ll say no more for the moment.

And finally, I also bought Wildwood by Colin Meloy (yes, frontman of the Decemberists!), with gorgeous illustrations by his wife, Carson Ellis.  Its a kids book and initially I bought it to read to Boy 1 at bedtimes but at over 500 pages long I think he might need to wait just a little longer.  So in the meantime I plan on reading it to myself at my bedtimes, instead!



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