I had plans to write about something cool and interesting, today…and then a little bit of real life took over my thoughts and now I’m here thinking over one of those yo-yo days where my thoughts are back and forth, up and down.

In my quest to find some time and space for myself this year, I took advantage of a free taster session with a local community choir last night (plus points: I love singing, this is something unrelated to being a mum, and its good for the health of your mind, too).  I enjoyed it, I really did.  Not quite sure whether I was best off singing with the ‘highs’ or ‘middles’ but it was good.  And then I bumped into someone there who I’ve bumped into before and I couldn’t quite grasp where our paths had crossed previously.  Wherever and whenever it was, it wasn’t good.  Maybe their slightly aggressive manner wasmore to do with their day rather than me, but the result was I came away with a nagging feeling that kind of soured the overall experience.

Last Monday I went along to a drop-in meditation group at the Canterbury Buddhist Centre – a completely different way of trying to find time for myself and calm my mind.  I’ll be honest, I was completely rubbish at the actual meditation.  It requires a reasonable amount of practice, I’m told.  I can’t quite imagine ever being able to empty my mind of its ‘stuff’, but apparently it will happen, if I keep trying!  But, even so,  I did come away with a warm and fuzzy feeling about the people I met there and good intentions to return.

Here’s the thing; the choir and the meditation group both meet on a Monday evening. Bum.  So perhaps last night’s slightly soured end to the singing session should simply be used to help me decide how I’m going to spend my me-time?

This morning was pretty simple and good.  While Boy1 was at school and Boy2 was with Nanny I finished off some nagging and overdue tasks; always good for the soul, yes?  Some were boring (self assessment tax return for The Man, annoying phonecalls to 0845 numbers…), and some more pleasing (finishing a cute little pair of cord trousers for Boy2, and mending some other things).   A friend popped in with some exciting news which has had me thinking, thinking, thinking – in a positive way.  All this accompanied by a nice slab of Cadbury’s Whole Nut…

sailing trousersBy this evening, however, I’m chasing away the little worries which have a habit of creeping in around the edges.  Yo-Yo.   Having just checked the weather online, I’m kind of hoping that the heavy snow forecast for between midnight and 4am will keep us cosy indoors tomorrow and relieve of us the school run and all its associated horrors.  I do love a duvet day – perhaps this is why I chose a school which is regularly cut off and closed in the winter!

Here are the trousers I managed to finish off.  My little model was at Nanny’s today so I had to make do with snapping a picture of them without him inside…

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