#1 Breakfast, well eating full stop, is a very serious affair for this one

#2 Watching TV.  It was only Tom and Jerry so I have no idea what could have been so shocking

Finally, I’ve taken some pictures with a real camera, rather than my phone!  This week was mostly freezing cold, with biting winds and expectations of snow (which finally arrived last night).  But there were rare moments of sun which crept through our windows and danced on the walls making for some sweet pictures.  Got to, got to, got to learn how to use my camera/s… some great tips over at Che&Fidel.

Boy 2 fell while jumping on our bed last night and split his head open on the radiator.  There was much blood and screaming and some sticky ‘stitches’ later he is all patched up.  Needless to say, next week’s picture of him may not be quite so pretty…

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