Lets slow things down around here…

Jody snowArchie snow hair

#1 and #2 Enjoying the weather

Heavy snow finally arrived in these parts at the end of last week, just as predicted.  Also long expected was the demise of my car which decided to die upon me at around about the same time.  This coincided neatly with Boy 1 feeling a bit off colour warranting some time off of school… which promptly merged into the weekend, and then seamlessly morphed into a school-is-closed-because-of-snow day so at least there was no pressure (on The Man) to get my car sorted in any great hurry.  It was going nowhere anyway!  Boy 2 also managed to split his forehead open so since Saturday we have all been chanting the ‘don’t climb, don’t jump, get down’ mantra.  All of these things forced us to s-l-o-w down a little.  Which was really, very nice (apart from the cut head bit, that was really very bad).

calm timeYoda vs Darth Vader

#3 Enjoying some quiet time

#4 Jedi (and Zen) master Yoda will always outdo Darth Vader; just look at his smile!

Today the sun came out and the thaw began.  Boy 1 returned to school and despite trying to claim he felt poorly again on waking this morning, he came home in high spirits.  But sometimes high spirits for him turn into tantrums and I can’t help feeling as though slowing down ought to become a permanent fixture here.  The bubble has kind of gone pop momentarily.  I did try to smile today like I’ve committed to.  And for the most part I have.  I walked a long way in the sunshine and snow with Boy 2 and it was lovely.  And later we got the sledge out and instead of just overseeing, I had a go with little man on board and we were laughing and squealing over and over again!

But by bedtime I was down to my Sergeant Major single word commands and all out of patience.  Transition times in particular, are really hard for Boy 1 and today was a prime example.  I know we need to work on this.  It’s reminded me to chase up the Psychologist and see what resulted from the in-school observations she did at the beginning of December.  She had recommended a book – The Explosive Child – and initially I decided against getting it since I have more than one so-called parenting book gathering dust on my shelf already.  Maybe I’ll have a rethink and see if the library has a copy…smile…and breathe x


2 thoughts on “Lets slow things down around here…

    • Thanks Lila. I tend to run on high octane all the time but it does me no favours, and definitely doesn’t help my boys!! Hopefully the Psychologist will help the school to help Archie, fingers crossed x

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