In a Pickle – kids theatre

So yesterday I was planning on posting a lovely review about Oily Cart’s latest production for pre-school children, In A Pickle, but unfortunately Boy2 decided he has a phobia of actors dressed up as sheep and we had to leave within the first 10 minutes of the performance.  Yes, if you were there we were responsible for the high pitched screaming.  Sorry.  I was absolutely gutted, especially as it was sell out performance and we’d managed to get in by the skin of our teeth when someone else had to return two tickets.

As for my review, the first 5 minutes was amazing!  Such an intimate space was created – truly atmospheric – within the already fantastic Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury.  And regardless of my little man’s sensitivities, its really lovely to find theatre aimed at the under-5s.  Lets hope it hasn’t put him off for life!  The production is off to Wales now…


…and we’re off to London today.  Boy1 is going to the V&A Museum of Childhood (known as the Bethnal Green Toy Museum in my day), while Boy2 and I meet with friends to visit the Bubble kids tradeshow.  And somehow between now and this evening I need to capture a nice portrait of Boy2 for this week’s photography challenge.  So far I have about 50 out-takes!

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