So on Sunday I visited Bubble – the kids trade show.  As well as being really interesting to someone who has a borderline obssession with kids fashion (windowshopping Nirvana), it was also a fantastic excuse to meet up with a dear friend.  We both took our littlest ones with us.  Much to my surprise, Boy 2 had a really great time, though on more than one occassion he was distressed that everything on show won’t be available until the summer when the A/W 2013 collections hit the shops; patience is not his virtue, being just a little over 2yrs old.  He tried to steal a pair of gloves, two felted wool donkeys, a doll sized silver-cross pram, 2 stools, and several pairs of shoes.   He wrecked approximately 3 trade stands.

So, he and I are patiently holding out for the following…our top picks…

Without a doubt my favourite individual item was a simply stunning kerchief from UK brand Grubbies, known best for their super cool denim dungarees.  Their current collection already features some similar scarves, with a couple more coming soon for the Spring/Summer collection. But it was this one, due in time for autumn, which made me gasp out loud…




The next shout out has to go to another homegrown (yes, designed and produced in the UK, just like Grubbies are) to Immink Kids.  Now I must confess I thought I’d pretty much come across any brand of kids clothing worth knowing about already, such is my obsession, so I was surprised and delighted to discover something new and gorgeous.  At the show we were looking at the upcoming A/W 2013 range which consists of stunning autumnal hues, all pretty unisex.  The quality is top-notch, and the styling different enough to be quirky without being over the top – think quilted little jackets, and comfy trousers with extra wriggle room at the rear, and not a hideous slogan in site.  I wish I’d taken a photo for you.  Their website cannot do justice to just how lovely these clothes are plus the A/W collection is even bigger and better than the current one.  The icing on the cake?  Well, I have to have a soft spot for something that’s born and bred in Norfolk, don’t I?!



Speaking of soft spots, we had a fun time at the Pippo Kids’ footwear stand, too.  My boys are already very familiar with Pippo’s Major desert boots (an arty classic), and Cassidy Hi-top trainers (retro 80s vibe).  Not only are the designs great, which is a rarity when it comes to boys shoes, but the quality is there too.  Boy 1’s current Hi-Tops have survived two knee-deep wades into the sea and lived to be worn another day (though I’m sure that is strictly recommended!).  Pippo’s new designs for this Autumn include these completely fab hybrid shoe/trainers which can so totally be worn for school; you’ll love them, they’ll love them, and the teacher will love them too!  Yes, of course, the mustard/brown version is tastier, I know, but the toddler can have those ones… And if the style and quality doesn’t grab you, then Pippo’s excellent customer service will.  Yes, I am a fan.




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