About a boy

paper artist self potraitI appear as though I’ve been a bit absent this week, but I’ve been busy thinking, thinking, thinking.  Meanwhile time has just flown by, not waiting for me to keep up.  It started when I chased the Psychologist that Boy 1 was assessed by way back.  Since then a ball about the size of a marble has started rolling and now there’s an awful lot for me to be thinking (aka worrying) about on his behalf.  I’ve decided to dedicate a page on here to the whats, whys, and hows, the ifs, buts and maybes of his ‘situation’, if you can call it that.  This, I hope, will allow me to get all the info in one place which will help me (and in turn, his school) to make some sense of it all.  It will also be an easier way of presenting only the relevant bits to The Man who prefers bare-boned facts to info overload (of which I am the Queen!).   By creating a page here I can make it available to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation or is interested, without boring the rest of you by clogging up the main part of the blog.  Everyone’s happy!  So head over to About a Boy to read on…

Boy 1 is interested in taking self portraits on my phone camera at the moment, over and over again.  This is one of his favourites, heavily tweaked using the Paper Artist App.

In the meantime my attempts to be more patient and kind, to be more mindful and to actually factor in some time to practice meditation each day have well and truly gone out of the window.  Shame on me.  Back onto the wagon I climb.  I have joined the choir though, something I’ve been meaning to do for myself for about a year now.  And I LOVE it!  Something else long overdue which I’ve also pulled off this week is switching energy suppliers.  NPower, you suck.  Hello Co-operative Energy.


4 thoughts on “About a boy

    • Hiya. Yeah, well it’s positive in that things are moving forwards but also I can see that the road ahead (with regards to school and learning and our options on that front) is not going to be straight forward. Complicated! Hope you’re doing OK; we must get together properly sometime soon x

      • Yes I would soo love to get together need a chatt . So whats your plans for Archie school wise? I am feeling abit down today unfortunately with.Bo and his weight he is off the chart.now. but we shall battle on and win. Wish I had time for yoga and meditation but don’t in my crazy life a the moment. Big hugs.

      • That sucks honey, cyber hugs coming your way. Can they offer any advice regarding getting his weight up? Well, we shall see. I have a meeting with both teachers plus SENCO lined up. Depends on how that works out. He’s reasonably happy at the moment and his progress is pretty average so there is no need for any snap decisions right now. But I don’t see how the school, or any school for the matter, can cater for a child who needs to be taught in an entirely different way than they usually teach. If his behaviour was dire or his progress non-existant they would get funding for him but they won’t and they’re already over stretched. I may have to consider taking him out to homeschool. Yr1 will be OK. Yr2 will be OKish. Yr3 will probably result in a complete nightmare. Its his well being we’re concerned about. He keeps it all well covered at school. x

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