I’m a day or so late with these…I got stranded in the wilds of the Norfolk Fens a little longer than planned.  But I’m back just in the nick of time for this week’s 52 Project pics.


#1 Playing UNO at Nana and Grandad’s.  Sort of.  We couldn’t find the instructions, nor could any of us remember how to play so Boy1 made his own game up.  I love his eyelashes and I love his little beauty spot. Does a mama ever tire of looking at these small details?  My numero uno.



#2 My Buddha Baby.  He decided a little over a week ago that this Balinese Buddha was his new best friend.  He has even been found tucking it into bed with his more cuddly friends.  Though I keep placing the Buddha back in my preferred spot, he keeps on moving.  Boy 2 is far from calm and zen like but he does seem to have a wisdom about him that makes me sure he’s been here before…

Sharing the love with Jodi at Che&Fidel. x

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