Party Animal

So we’re back to the usual routine after an extended weekend at Nana & Grandad’s in Norfolk.  Back to the’ hurry up’, ‘come on, we’re going to be late’, ‘move it’, ‘how many times do I have to ask you?’ weekday craziness.  Is it just me wondering – is this really how its supposed to be?  Either way, we cut a little of this off from the end of last week and the beginning of this, thanks to runny noses, dizzy spells and some snowy weather.  Kim John Payne’s book, Simplicity Parenting (which, by the way is truly excellent) would suggest that I am rushing everything.  He. Is. Right.  Read it before your first child’s 1st birthday – I urge you.  But probably more about that later…

We had a good time, despite freezing temperatures but even so, I am totally done with winter now.  I know we shouldn’t really wish time away but as far as I’m concerned, January sucks and February is even worse.  I want the Spring and I want it now!  Its not all bad though; yesterday lunchtime me and the littley warmed up with some of Whitstable’s finest fish and chips, and at tea time we all revelled in the obligatory Shrove Tuesday pancake pudding bonanza (mine were gluten-free but pretty good all the same – thanks to my in-house chef, The Man x).











#1 Boy 2 keeping busy with Grandad’s watering can collection

#2 Boy 1 trying to keep warm on the trampoline (harder when you refuse to wear appropriate clothing).  I was too damn freezing to attempt an even halfways decent picture, sorry!

While away I did alot of thinking, and even more talking, about what to do regarding Boy 1 and schooling.  One thing that did come up is the possibility of flexi-schooling so this is something I’m going to look into.  And in the meantime I’m waiting for the teachers to get back to me following on from last Thursday’s meeting regarding a possible IEP (no idea what I’m banging on about?  Check out the About a Boy page…).

And what next?  Well Boy 1 has been invited to a friend’s birthday party this Sunday coming and he is required to dress as his favourite party animal.  I’m usually pretty well organised when it comes to costumes but damn, I’ve left this to the last minute.  Right now I’m wondering if I can manage to pull off something like this without a DIY tutorial…

Lion Roar


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