So worth loving

HeartHappy Valentine’s!  I hope you’re feeling the love (despite the rain and cold wind)?  The Man and I don’t really go in for Valentine’s Day, to be honest.  I do remember in our distant past I cooked him a 3 course meal from scratch which was a completely stressful experience for me and was therefore never repeated.  And of course we did have a wonderful time in St Moritz one year courtesy of Sotheby’s Auctioneers who we both worked for way back when.  At the last minute they asked him to go and work on a prestigious jewellery sale there.  Because it clashed with Valentine’s Day he persuaded them that they ought to send me, too!  This might make it sound as though we had a semi glamourous life pre-kiddies.  But no, these stand out as exceptional in the 13 years we’ve been together.  This morning he flew off to Dublin for work while the rest of us slept, but he did discover a couple of bars of Green & Blacks waiting with his overnight bag.   Just a token gesture to say that though it might not seem to be so, I do think and care about him still.  The rush-rush of life with children can often get in the way, don’t you think?

I’ve recently started to investigate Buddhism as a way of life, partly because I know that making some time for meditation in my life would be of huge benefit to me and those who I share my life with.  One of the greatest things that I think anyone can take from Buddhist belief is the idea that we should show love and compassion to all.   And of course, love, or displaying love should not be confined to one day of the year.  I guess it’s the little every day things that really add up and make a difference.  Which is why I am really totally unbothered about Valentine’s Day.  Despite one spectacularly fruitful February 14th during my 2nd year at University, I’ve never been the type to receive mysterious cards and surprise bouquets of flowers anyway.  It was nice back then but I certainly don’t need it now to know that I am loved.

And for those who are single, or have had to learn to love themselves unconditionally before being able to love another, I think this website is pretty inspirational – So Worth Loving.  The blog is full of people’s personal stories about love, and if that’s not enough, the shop has some great one off and limited items which are right up my street, like this…

So Worth Loving

One thought on “So worth loving

  1. Hey glad your looking at buddhism have a few books its all good and positive I feel. We must meet up at some.point. I am trying to arrange a.alternative placement at the mo want to do something cool for 90 hrs over along period. Also started writing a book this could however take years.

    The lion looks cool.I think Bo is going as a tiger not sure yet xxxx

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