The Man has disappeared off to Lincoln to work for a few days…and has taken (his) laptop with him…including the pictures I intended to post last night for this week’s 52 Project.  Ooops.  I think I might get myself that iPad afterall.  So, here are a couple of pictures I’ve just taken instead.  Not quite what I’d intended but in the spirit of ‘letting things go’, they’ll do.


1. Boy 2 is growing in so many ways.  He sometimes says he’s still a baby but we all know that however much we wish he was, its no longer true.  Riding his bike ‘feels funny’ now he’s out of a nappy for the first time.

Archie 7_52

2. Boy 1 gets another fit of the giggles when I ask him to try and pretend I’m not taking a photo.  This project is so much harder with a 6yr old who likes to pose!

Joining in the fun at Che&Fidel. x

4 thoughts on “7/52

    • You are RIGHT, Ruby – I’m just famously bad at letting things go so this was really hard/good for me!! Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment x

  1. so cute! i love the soft light hitting these photos.
    it’s definitley ok to “let things go.” i will say, that is something that motherhood has taught me.
    glad i found you via Jodi. looking forward to following along.

    • Thanks so much, Liz – you’re right. I’m still learning everyday when it comes to parenting (and life more generally!). Thanks for visiting. I’m really loving how Jodi’s project is bringing so many mummy bloggers together x

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