#1 An absolutely freezing walk in King’s Wood.  We tried to enjoy ourselves but Boy 1’s face here kind of tells it as it was.  We were very disappointed that the Stour Valley art installations were no longer there to climb on, that’s what really ruined the groove.  The biting cold wind with freezing rain and snow flurries were the final nail…


#2 This picture of Boy 2 just makes me grin on the inside and out!  He’s wearing The Man’s favourite tee; He is, of course, wearing gloves (he has some freakish obsession with gloves of any type or size); He’s wearing pants with utter conviction and confidence; I took the picture before I foolishly let the barber loose on him; and this was when the sun was shining at the beginning of the week before we were plunged into winter no.2.  Good times.

Check out some wonderful 52 Project talent over at Che & Fidel


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