Good times

We enjoyed ourselves, me and the boys.  The Man was working as usual and it may well have passed him by that it was half term at all!  We missed going to Nana and Grandad’s in Norfolk like we tend to do when there is a break in routine, and we felt the absence of Nanny and Grandad G since they’re away visiting their other grandkids in California for a little while.  So, it was just us, the sunshine (for the first half of the week) and the biting cold wind and snow (for the remainder).  Here’s a little Instagram lovliness to document our comings and goings…


#1 Babycino with rainbow sprinkles

#2 Giggling everytime I get the camera out – preferable to posing or sticking out the tongue which is usually what happens

#3 Mud!    

#4 More mud!  testing out the new wellies

#5 Eating, always eating (you are your mother’s son)

#6 Bike riding to the park…in the sun!

#7 Loony as ever

#8 Our resident monkey

#9 Early morning lounging

#10 Late afternoon napping

#11 Very proud he learnt to tie shoelaces, on the baby’s Converse

#12 The morning after the haircut.  I’m still getting over it.

Rites of passage have been passed.  The littlest one now wears pants with confidence.  It was so painless its as though it never happened.  So proud of my baby.   Can I still call him that?  I feel the need to, though he is constantly proving how quickly he’s growing up (and this includes swearing like a builder at times…one of my less proud mummy moments).  The bigger one saw new school shoes we both loved but they had laces.  Problem.  Problem solved; learn to tie laces.  Challenge set and completed with only a few grumbles.  We are growing all the time, it would seem.

And now the bubble of not having to be anywhere at any particular time has burst and we are back in the groove.  Things are really swinging with the Canterbury Free School and tomorrow I’ll be talking on BBC Radio Kent, along with three others from the steering group.  Live.  Oh hell.

2 thoughts on “Good times

  1. I LOVE “Early Morning Lounging” he looks so content and happy!!!

    I still call both of mine ‘my babies’ and probably will when they’re 40 😉

    Andie x

    • He was so content, Andie. Its a good job I didn’t post the picture that immediately followed; Jody biting his bum and I mean really sinking his teeth in. Hilarious that I accidentally caught it on camera (and it is a very funny picture) but really, not good!

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