Something lost, something found…

Its finally happened.  After a combined total of 8yrs 8months parenting, I have lost a shoe.  I like shoes.  I particularly like kids shoes.  I LOVED these ones.  And now they number one, not two.  OK, so they were well worn, and probably getting towards the end of their usefulness but still.  Boy 1 needed new shoes and new wellies last month.  Boy 2 is due new wellies this month now we’ve had pay-day, but I wasn’t really expecting to have to buy shoes as well.  And these were my favourites……….waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.  Sigh.  Guess this means I’ll just have to go for a trip down online lane to the Pippo Footwear shop and see if I can get some more.  I usually never get repeats of shoes; I get bored of looking at the same ones and always fancy a change but these Major desert boots are too good not to get again.  and its definitely too soon to be getting Sun-San sandals yet.

just sittinglonely shoe#1 Yesterday two boots…

#2…Today, one lonely boot.

We may have lost a shoe, but we have found a purpose.  Well, I have found a purpose.  The movement to establish a Freeschool in Canterbury has really gained momentum in the last week.  We have heard back from some academics who are keen to assist and (hopefully, we are keeping everything crossed) colaborate, we have had lots of new ‘likes’ on our Facebook group, The local paper has approached us to do an article, and four of us found ourselves being interviewed, live, on BBC Radio Kent a couple of days ago!  I absolutely love getting my teeth stuck into a project that I’m passionate about.  I think I actually need something like this to keep my brain stimulated.  As fantastic as raising your kids is, it doesn’t exercise the grey cells like the world of work or study does and this has been missing in my life for quite a while.  And the most amazing thing is, its has a real aim, a real purpose to it that will benefit my kids and the community I live in.  I feel pretty blessed right now.  So, we may have lost a shoe but we have found something a little more meaningful as well.

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