We’ve been reunited with Boy 2’s lost sole!  Both boys were so excited to see it tied, by it’s little laces, to a signpost in the city centre this afternoon.  I was just pleased I can hold off spending some money on new ones til it becomes a necessity!  There was much speculation from Boy 1 on who might have found it and been kind enough to put it out of the street-sweeper’s reach.  He finally decided that it was definitely a ‘hobo’ who found it but that since his feet were not the same size as Jody’s he didn’t need to keep it for himself.  Thank you Mr Hobo for taking the time to tie it so securely and for thinking of us when you did so.

found shoe

4 thoughts on “Reunited!

    • I know, Lila! The boys were so excited AND surprised. It was nice to have a conversation with them about how kind other people can be, even if they don’t know us x

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