#1 My little mud-faced stick-bearing woodland warrior.  He so wanted to keep up with his big brother but most of the puddles would have been waist deep.  I know he’s frowning and it’s not the prettiest capture I have of him but its telling it how it was.  And, if nothing else, this one shot will serve as a reminder to never take him to the barbers again.  Ever.


#2 Deep puddles, big sticks, glorious mud, and a little brother to show off to.  What more could a 6yr old need?

We had fun walking in Penny Pot Woods this Sunday.  It even felt a bit like Spring is on her way.  And I need that badly right now.  Here are a few out-takes, just because its often hard to choose the best ones for Jodi’s 52 Project at Che&Fidel:


2 thoughts on “9/52

    • Thanks Lila. And you’re right; there’s far more personality in the real pictures. I have some very lovely professional pictures of both my boys, all studio shots and whilst they are technically wonderful and look lovely on my wall I don’t think they really show the real them. x

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