#1 Boy 1 playing Lego Starwars on the PS3, his absolute all time favourite thing to do at the moment.  I love it when his eyes really smile like they are here.

#2 Boy 2 climbing on the field gate while waiting for the mobile library that didn’t arrive.   It was the foggiest, murkiest day in a long time and I would not have normally ventured out for a walk but he was so proud of himself, climbing over, hence the smug look.  But damn, I am never taking him to that barber again…how many more weeks am I going to have to endure photos of him with the worst haircut on the block?!

Just about keeping up with Che & Fidel’s 52 Project.  In the spirit of linking lovliness, here are my faves from 9/52 (and no, its not possible to choose just one before you ask…)

Lovely captures from:

Rebucado Acido‘s – all in Portuguese so I don’t know the sentiment behind the shots but they are lovely even without words.

Serendipity in Chaos’ – Sisters.  One to cherish.

Electronette’s Boys.   Handsome and how do you get decent pictures of bigger boys?  I need some tips…

And finally, Paper Bluejay’s moody shoreline shots.  That yellow hat against the grey…sigh.


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