Spring: please tell me its really on its way?

IMG_20130308_115035It did seem as though it was about to put in an appearance.  And then the fog descended.  Literally.  Damp, dingy and downright dismal.  As we trudged up the road on Friday in search of the mobile library we did find one solitary daffodil in full bloom.   But today we have biting cold winds and snowfall which this evening is settling thick and fast.  That daffodil must be feeling really duped right now.  I know how it feels…

Our initial disappointment when the mobile library failed to show up has turned into a bit of a bonus.  The library has extended the loan of John Holt’s Teach Your Own by a week which gives me more time to read it properly and to see if The Man can overcome his concerns enough to allow us to start a new journey.  The gut feeling is going to have me bent over double in pain if I try and ignore it.  I’ve been dwelling, possibly too much, on some of the comments I read in Boy 1’s workbooks at school the other day.  Some quite critical given he is 6yrs old, and others worrisome in that they were pointing out things he couldn’t do, which apart from being quite negative, I know that he can do.   And a simple conversation about his less than ideal handwriting, that fact that he might not reach the target set for the end of Yr1?  Initially, I thought yes, fair enough.  But now I’ve come away and though, what the f**k?  Targets?  For handwriting?  It’s all so pointless.    Good handwriting is handy.  At best its an artform.  At worst its legible only to yourself which, in most cases, is all it needs to be.  Archie like so many others (mostly boys, especially boys his age) have so many great ideas, yet its hard to put it all down when you’re trying to concentrate on the actual writing bit.  But what appears on the paper is only one part of the process, surely?  I bet given a keyboard, or an iPad it would all suddenly be so much easier and exciting.  And relevant.  I asked about Dyselxia but his teacher’s opinion is that he shows no signs of Dyslexia.  I think she’s possibly right but stealth Dyslexia in gifted kids can be very difficult to pick up.  They learn to read pretty well, which masks what’s really going on.  Handwriting is where they usually fall over.  So I shall watch this and form my own opinion over the next six to twelve months.

Hmmmm, an iPad.  I really do need one, don’t I.  Boy 1 spent a fair bit of time playing on Sumdog.com and ICTgames.com over the weekend.  And when I commented that he must really enjoy maths to spend so much time playing numeracy games, he said ‘no mummy, this isn’t maths, its fun.  Its games!’ – he’d spent the previous 30 minutes on a game that teaches kids to add up coins and work out change.  Just think what he could do with some iPad apps!

So an iPad is on my imaginary wish-list.  And what else might I need, given that I have a birthday next month (it’s never too early to start dropping hints all over the place, in my opinion)?

These Pacino boots from Plumo would be a good start, afterall, if I’m not going to be tied to a muddy rural school run for much longer I deserve something a bit less practical than I’ve been putting up with …


And of course I need some new skinny jeans to go with them.  Topshop’s Baxters are usually my best fit though I’ve heard an hideous rumour they may have changed the cut.  They’d better not have.

If we’re to believe, whilst ignoring the blizzard that’s blowing outside, that warmer weather is on its way then a t-shirt or two wouldn’t go amiss either.  I’m currently liking these…

swl-erin_grande galaxy teeil_fullxfull_314473615

It’s nice to desire (and possibly receive) some frivilous, materialistic stuff now and then.  What I could really do with for my birthday, however, is a bit more time (for myself and for a night out or two with The Man and no one else), to be given a bit of an energy and health boost, my loft conversion to be complete, and a cast iron guarantee that a decision to homeschool would be the best thing to happen to all of us, ever.  Hmmm, suddenly an iPad and a new outfit seems reasonably within my grasp.


6 thoughts on “Spring: please tell me its really on its way?

    • Thank you! It was taken on the street where I live near Canterbury in the UK. It was a really miserable day weather wise!

      • I think it looks amazing, I used to live in England when I was a child. Despite how people criticize the weather there, I really miss it, it’s very calm and peaceful.

  1. In the last 48 hours alone we’ve had rain, fog, hailstones, snow, biting winds, blizzards, and now bright sunshine! I think our weather is bonkers personally, and as changeable as my mood at times but at least it always gives us Brits something to talk (moan) about :-))

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