#1 We took the bikes out to Samphire Hoe expecting a nice long ride alongside the sea…

#2 …but the weather there was decidedly less spring-like and drenched, we admitted defeat, returned to the car and went for a Sunday pub lunch instead!

Regardless of the weather, the boys loved the endless space stretching out infront of them.  The Man was at ease with the elements too.  It was me who, quite frankly, had had enough of the rain and wind.  I swear that I could not have been English in a former life.

The 52 Project is really coming together now…I can’t wait to have a collection at the end of the year to treasure.  Here are my personal favourites from other bloggers from 10/52:

Sisilia’s little Oliver simply being a 2 year old

Lottie’s eyes and fingers (and I learnt something here too.  I have one brown eye and one blue eye and now I know what’s its called!)

Steph’s Remy drinking his Rooibus from bone china.  My littlest loves all sorts of tea but gets an old mug to drink his from!

and Milena’s Atticus.  I have such a thing for blue and yellow!

All lovely captures, I think you’ll agree.

5 thoughts on “11/52

  1. Such beautiful snuggly captures! I love the little features peeking out from under all that wool. Thanks so much for linking to my little Remy and his tea cup. Wishing you a beautiful day 🙂 x

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