You are an explorer.  Your mission is to document and observe the world around you as if you’ve never seen it before.  Take notes.  Collect things you find on your travels.  Document your findings.  Notice patterns.  Copy.  Trace.  Focus on one thing at a time.  Record what you are drawn to.

How To Be An Explorer Of The World: Portable Life Museum, Keri Smith

Children really know how to be truly creative, looking at things with fresh eyes and minds, especially when they’re as little as this one.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all retained this natural curiosity and way of thinking?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if schools encouraged our children to continue to think through all the possibilities?

2 thoughts on “Explore!

  1. The natural curiosity or beginners mind is such an intrinsic part of childhood. Not only should we encourage our kids to indulge this quality, but as adults, we would greatly benefit if we could instill it into our everyday lives. I frequently forget this –so thank you for posting this lovely reminder.

  2. Absolutely! Life becomes so serious and everything you do has to have a set purpose and outcome. No wonder half the world is so stressed out! It must be wonderful to think and ponder like a child. And its sad how we are expected to grow out of it. Thanks for your lovely comment x

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