This week the project kind of went out the window.  I’m not proud of the fact.  I did have a good opportunity when we went to my parents at the weekend.  I took the best camera with me.  I didn’t check to see if the battery was full.  It was empty and I sort of gave up.  But I’ve picked two of my favourite phone pics from the week, late as usual but still hanging in there!



#1 Boy 1, a little out of focus, infront of the TV (again) but smiling.  A smile on this one’s face changes everything about him.

#2 Boy 2 enjoying a bambinocino with chocolate sauce, tip-tip-tapping with his stirrer.  He always looks a little dishevelled which entirely suits his personality.

Here are my favourites from last week’s selection…

A sleeping Liam looking awesome in yellow.

Theo on the bus; just look at those cheeky eyes!

Sammy batman; we love superheroes here, too.

Limi so sweet in her welly boots.

See them all over at Che & Fidel.

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