#1 His first painted face, complete with obligatory snot and cake crumbs…

#2 He didn’t really want his face painted, and he’d never have chosen to be some non-descript creature over a superhero, but he stepped up in support of his little brother.  He’s a sweetheart.

We visited Brogadale Farm on quite possibly the coldest Easter weekend known to man.  It was biting.  But the boys had a wonderful time especially when getting to handle rabbits and lambs.  Boy 1 is a proper Dr Dolittle.  I’ve been tasked with persuading The Man to allow him to keep rabbits.  So far I’m doing a pretty poor job.  The minitaure train ride was another big hit and these pictures were taken on the tractor ride around the orchards, which got us out the wind for half an hour.

Also playing along with Che & Fidel, here are my personal favourites from 12/52…

Biet’s bright red jacket, scarf and M&M against the grey.

Huckle and Arlo.  Such lovely boys remind me of my own.  And I have a slight thing for tattoos *blushes*

Cooper in a gorgeous monochrome shot.  I love this.

and bedheaded Daisy; too sweet for words.

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