Why is it so hard to decide…

…on new shoes for my boys?  This happens to me every time either one of them needs some new footwear.  I’m usually a pretty decisive person.  I know what I like.  But, you see, shoes for boys ain’t easy.  Most of them are downright horrid.

We love our local independent shoe shop, The Elves and the Shoemaker but there was nothing in there this time round for Boy 2 (not until we and the weather are ready for Sun-San Sandals, that is), and the shoes I had put away from Boy 1’s toddler days just don’t fit right.  So the internet search begins.

We adore Pippo Footwear and we could just get another pair of the wonderful Major desert boots but, Spring really is about to arrive, right?  I would’ve liked to get some of their hi-top trainers but alas, all out of stock in the right size.




I quite fancy some Camper shoes for little chubster, they would sort of suit him but his feet are quite big and he’d need the bigger boys styles which are simply not as cute.






And then, during a wistful nostalgic moment I stumbled across these…perhaps they’re the answer?  A shoe but good for spring and into summer, a stitched down sole which I’ve loved in his desert boots (and which appear to be bullet proof – a requirement with this particular child, I can tell you), and something about them makes me feel they give a cheeky little finger-up to anything gender specific.  They are plain and simple and timeless.  He will probably hate them.



Sigh…. I could just go for a Clarks suede desert boot and put some bright laces in them…you see I just hate my kids to be like everyone elses!  And look, they do look totally awesome on the right feet!




2 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to decide…

  1. I love all of the ones you’ve posted. I think I’m going to have to get thee Miss some desert boots with coloured laces, I’m sure you’re on to something there!

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