Jody14_521 & 2: watching their paper ‘seeds’ being carried up the wind tube; absolutely captivating and joyful

We’ve been spending most of our Easter holiday time at Nana & Grandad’s in Norfolk.  On a this bitterly cold day we took a trip to Cambridge and visited the new Cambridge Science Centre, a hands-on learning zone which, though only one room in size, kept the children entertained (and warm!) for a good couple of hours.  Though aimed at 5yrs+, Boy 2 was just as captivated by some of the exhibits as his big brother.  By far the favourite activity was this one pictured where the kids reconstructed a sycamore seed using paper and a paper-clip and then launched it, over and over, up a perspex wind tube.  They loved it and their faces on these captures really conveys the wonder and joy they experienced from something so simple.  Well worth a visit if you’re in the Cambridge area.

There simply hasn’t been enough time to look through everyone else’s captures this week but you can see them all over at the wonderful Che & Fidel Blog.



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