It was last summer when The Man came home from wherever and brought with him my first ever sewing machine.  I’d been lamenting about only having motherhood in my life, and he said I needed a hobby.  He is the grandmaster of hobbies, most of them dangerous, some of them nerdy, all of them totally essential to his happiness and well-being.  So, the conversation about hobbies saw me briefly mention in passing a fancy to try sewing.  And the machine arrived the very next day.  Great!  I stared at it for approximately 6 weeks, sitting ominously quiet in the corner of the room.  And then I gave it a go and so yes, I now have a proper, bona-fide hobby.  At Christmas I made a few dolls and since then I’ve made a couple more.  But in the last few weeks I’ve been asked to make some which is an entirely different ball game to just doing them simply because.  The first of these commissions has been safely delivered to Denmark where she’s going to be a Christening present for a little girl, Liva, so now I feel I can post some pictures of Little Red Riding Hood here…

PicsArt_1365886507544  PicsArt_1365886836256  DSC_0086 

Another Red-Riding Hood is already in the making.  Next up will be a Lion for little man Bodhi’s first birthday. 

As the Easter break draws to a close I feel my shoulders tightening, bracing myself for getting back into the school-run groove.  We’ve had some fun times over the past couple of weeks and it does seem to have lasted a nice, long time.  The weather has mostly be dire but there have been moments of spring to lift the spirits.  Right now the rain is lashing down outside and the wind is whipping itself up into some kind of frenzy but that has to be preferable to snow, right?  We bought new wellies for Boy 2 today which means I can finally put away the snowboots.  And yes, I plumped for the retro style T-bar shoe over another desert boot for him so the weather now has to smarten up its act!  Hope it’s brightening up where you are?

12 thoughts on “Handmade

    • Hi Lila. I would love to, if only to give me some pocket money…on Etsy. But I’m not sure yet. I find life is so busy anyway that I wonder how people fit anymore in as it is. But its buzzing around in the recesses of my brain somewhere 😉

  1. Genie just asked if I could make her one! Bless I’m not sure my sewing skills are up to scratch. It’s beautiful Lou. xx

    • Hey Reija, thanks for commenting 🙂 Aw I’d love to make one for Genie…can’t promise it any time soon as I seem to be ridiculously busy but if I can squeeze it in, I will…and then maybe I’ll jump on a plane to Perth and hand deliver it, too xxx

    • Thanks Painterswife! Like I said above, I am taking quite a while on these at the moment and this particular doll has quite a few fiddly hand sewing bits on it too but worth the effort. Thanks for stopping by x

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