#1 Boy 2 is so persistent.  He was tying a piece of string he found to a post and it wasn’t working out but he just kept on trying, his concentration was palpable.

#2 Boy 1 came out of school really upbeat and cheery so I took the opportunity to take some happy shots.  I can only apologise for the shocking state of his crusty nose; I have no photo editing software of any type and this is the child who flat refuses to wipe, blow or even pick his nose.

Usually I holler to The Man to assist when trying to pick my weekly favourites for the Project.  We tend to agree most weeks on which are the best shots, and if we don’t I go with my favourites…this is my baby, after all.  But tonight he is working away and I’ve found it hard to choose.  So in honour of his absence, and my indecision, I’ve included a few more below which might have made his cut.





#3 Lego, Lego, Lego

#4 a very truthful Archie smile

#5 See that gap between his teeth at the bottom?  His first wobbly one has shifted position…

#6 Such determined concentration.  I hope this will always be a part of my littlest man’s make-up.


Now less of mine and more of some others who are joining in the 52 Project with Jodi at Che & Fidel…my favourites from week 15:

Madison & Noah; what utterly gorgeous faces.

The eyelashes of Ellery Sage.

Beautiful B & W shots over at Tea With Lucy.

and the awesome light framing little G’s face and hair.  Stunning.


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