…and upwards


Earlier this week I took a trip up to the 38th floor of the Gherkin with three others from the free school steering group.  We had a meeting there with someone who might support us to achieve the goal of establishing our ‘dream’ school.  A school which will take the pressure away from our children and their teachers, that will delay the start of formal learning, that won’t measure its pupils by tests designed for one size and shape of learner.  An inspiring, creative, inclusive community project.  Its a truly exciting proposal to be involved with and the team are great but we have so, so much to do.   The application process is incredibly rigorous and so we’re looking at other organisations who we can collaborate with.  So, up the Gherkin we went.  The others were nervous anticipating the meeting.  Meanwhile I was absolutely cacking it in the lift on the way up because  I hate heights.  I failed to walk across the Clifton Suspension Bridge as a child, and had a panic attack on the London Eye (both times), made a fool of myself many moons ago on the platform at the top of a windmill…and stayed at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower on a springtime romantic trip to Paris.  I was, however, pretty cool when I went up the Empire State Building.  So with that major player under my belt I went for it and was, just about, fine!  It was a gorgeously sunny day in London and the view was great.  The curving corridor around the side of the building to get to the ladies was a bit epic but not awful.  I even managed to take some pictures.

IMG_20130423_203249        IMG_20130423_204237

On a smaller scale we’re going upwards at home, too.  The stairs into our loft are in!  The first really tangible sign that this attic conversion is actually happening.  When you’re married to someone who does all of these things themselves it seems to take forever.  But it is at least happening.  Trying to keep Boy 2 safe and out of trouble while the work slowly takes place is one thing, trying to stop Boy 1 retrieving long forgotten toys from boxes up there is another.  In the spirit of less is more, according to Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting, I stashed pretty much 90% of his mountain of stuff up there ahead of last year’s summer holiday.  He barely noticed their absence, with the exception of Buzz Lightyear.  In the meantime I’ve failed to get around to sorting it between a charity bag and a car booty pile…and now he’s getting his mitts back onto it.  He doesn’t really want it – he’s grown up so much in the meantime but Boy 2 is all over it like a cheap suit.   Looks like I’ll be battling the clutter all over again but in the meantime, The Man has put wooden bars on the stairs preventing any more loft-foraging – ha!

Tonight I’m on the cusp of entering the last decade of my 30s*.  Oh.  How did that happen?  I disctinctly remember my own mum having a 39th birthday party (a big one, one where the three of us were allowed to stay up late, and all because she was adamant there was no way she was going to be having a 40th).  How can I be one thing and feel another?  OK, physically I think I’m probably older than my years but I can blame that on having Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a 2.5yr old who still doesn’t sleep through.  But emotionally?  Mentally?  I am years behind, decades even!!  I’m supposed to think and act like a grown up but really, I’m not even close.  That’s my confession so keep it to yourself, hey?

*actually by the time I posted this it’s the next day and I can confirm that I am still the same as before ( only now I have a lovely new iPad!)

2 thoughts on “…and upwards

  1. Happy happy birthday my gorgeous fighting for the best for her boys friend. I hope you had a awesome day. You like me feel 21 or even 18 inside I don’t feel.my years but alas look them 😦
    We must catch up sometime aye! Not just in a brief few seconds big hugs love ya ems xxxx

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