#1 and #2:  I think this week has been my hardest so far in the 52 Project.  I didn’t feel hugely inspired to take photos.  When I did try they weren’t really working out, and the one’s I’ve chosen are not that exciting (or even that good – damn, why is the focus only on one eye in #1??).  But, they do kind of sum up the sort of sombre, Sunday mood I was feeling at the time and despite being taken at quite separate moments from one another they do sit together nicely.  Notice the scratches down Boy 1’s cheek?  Yep, inflicted by Boy 2.  It was that sort of week. 

Last week these others really made my heart sing:

Ruby, Cole and Elliot; there’s something magical in the light and colour in all three shots, but particularly of Ruby and Elliot.

Harper and Sawyer; lovely light in both.  I also adore geometric patterns and quilts so these are ticking several boxes for me!

Not for the first time, little man Atticus gets my vote in this super lovely B & W shot.

and these retro-esque, quirky pics of Piper, Lily and Heath are just plain cool (and I love that someone else is choosing their phone pics on occasions, too!)


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