Inspiration: you are my wild

I had one of those internet moments yesterday.  One of those moments when you stumble across something entirely by accident and BAM!  I’m not even sure where I found it now…somewhere in the depths of Pinterest I think.  You are my wild. The 52 Project is really good fun even if I’m still the same (completely novice and often quite crap) ‘photographer’ as I was 17 weeks ago.  There are usually about 280 different contributors each week and a great many of them are really wonderful photographers though I’m sure I miss fantastic shots each week as there are so many to browse through.  But this bunch, the ‘you are my wild’ mob, are something else.  They’re following a similar path; a weekly photography project with children as their inspiration.  Its a collaborative effort of 14 photographers all capturing how they see their children and each and every shot, every week, is just stunning.  I challenge you not to be inspired by their work.   Definitely one to follow (click on each picture to be taken to personal blog spaces to discover even more delights).


Cheeky Mr Rex from Week 12 of ‘You Are My Wild’ – this gorgeous photo is the work of Mrs Habit of House Inhabit

On the subject of inspiration, the choir I belong to gave a little performance this evening in our local wholefoods cafe.  Boy 2 stayed at home with Grandad G, but Boy 1 came along to support me with Nanny G.  When I finished my first little solo I looked across at him and he was beaming at me and every time I glanced in his direction he was singing along to the songs he knew (he’s particularly partial to our version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’).  Afterwards I asked whether he might like to take singing lessons sometime with Lemon, our choir leader.  He seemed pretty keen and I know he has a lovely voice already, even without any coaching.  He’s already asked to come to the next performance (‘and every performance you ever do after that, too’).  I think if we do take him out of school from September then one of the great benefits could be trying things out like music lessons during the day rather than trying to cram ‘extras’ in around the edges of a typical school day.  I think he’d be awesome.

While we’re talking about homeschooling again, its not off of the radar by any stretch, but things at school have been changing.  Following their Ofsted and the sudden departure of the Head, the school recovery team has been really proactive in getting things moving for us, and other families I know with kids who have additional needs.  Its been just over a week since I first met with the new SENCO and she has now received a recommendation from the Clinical Psychologist that Boy 1 should be assessed by an Educational Psychologist.  This should happen within a few weeks with the view to putting in place appropriate interventions and differentiated learning strategies.  She was very honest, which I appreciated massively.  She explained that a lovely long list of ways to help our twice exceptional leaner will be the outcome, but just how many of these recommendations can actually be resourced in a little school may be limited.  I confessed that we’re seriously considering homeschooling as a better way of learning for Archie and, rather than the reaction I expected, she thinks it would be a really good option for him.  She believes that I understands his needs thoroughly and would do an excellent job.  I was almost (almost) speechless!




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