#1 Boy 1 went to an Ibiza themed birthday party; how cool is that?  This shot is of him outside in the late afternoon sun just as the party drew to a close.  I’ve added a couple of extra pics below just because I love them.

#2 Boy 2 had an all day trip to the local zoo with Nanny and Grandad G and they bought him home totally conked out.  He is so in love with the gorillas.

My besties from the Project last week:

These 4 gorgeous photos of 4 equally gorgeous boys.  4.  yes 4.  That’s not a project, its a life challenge!

Magical pictures at Magical Days.  These remind me of Pink Floyd.

Sammy in the garden picking daisies for his mummy; cuteness.

CrumbBum’s three captures because they made me smile, especially Milo’s wink (and where did you get that t’shirt – I want it for my boys!)



photo (1)

…this awesome UV picture was taken by Nathan Eaton-Baudains and edited using Snapseed App for iPad.




2 thoughts on “18/52

    • Thanks for you comment, Lauren, and thanks also for the J crew link. There are some very cool Star Wars tees on there my Boy1 would love! X

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