#1 Blowing dandelion seeds is surely a childhood rite of passage? I was so torn between colour or black and white with this one as his eyes are such a stunning colour these days.

#2 We made a rope swing by the river and though he wasn’t completely sure about swinging so high, this one definitely enjoyed the drop back down into the grass!

Gems from last week:

Surf-dude Alfie. This is one for a mother to treasure; a glimpse into his future.

Sienna in the morning light. Such a natural smile.

Hair and frustration over at Little Earth Stories; beautiful capture and we can definitely relate!

Bo in a blanket fort. Check out those peepers!

Joining in with these and many more over at Che & Fidel


7 thoughts on “20/52

  1. I loved dandelions so much when I was little, my dad hated it that we were distributing the seeds everywhere though so we had to be sneaky about it.
    Lovely photos!

    • Hey Lila, my boys are lucky in that my gardening skills are so rubbish that they can blow away to their heart’s content! They were in our front garden and we recently planted a whole bunch of wild flower seeds partly to attract butterflies and bees, but also because its a wasted scratchy bit of space that needs something pretty in it…i fear that it may only ever grow dandelions now though! waiting patiently for everything else to appear…the winter has been soooo long here.

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