Do you dungaree?

Kids in dungarees are just plain cute and comfortable. I’m a little distressed that since Boy2 has been out of nappies I’ve not automatically reached for dungarees, for obvious reasons. But now he’s been wearing pants for 3 months or so it’s probably safe to go back to wearing bib n braces. But is the same true for adults, I ask? Americans are far more au fait with dungaree wearing than us Brits; you only have to watch one episode of Moonshiners on Discovery to know this is fact (ooops, did I just admit to watching trash TV?). I’m thinking that if you’re tall and willowy with long bohemian hair then you can definitely more than get away with wearing them. So that’s me ruled out of the equation then…but I have to say, I am secretly wishing I had some. Sharing some dungaree love, big and small, here:

Dungaree girl


Etsy custom overalls

Grubbies originals

Palo mino shorts

Upcycled kids overalls

#1 sourced from
#2 sourced from
#3 custom made to order via Etsy
#4 Grubbies Originals
#5 Shorts with braces handmade by Pala Mino
#6 upcycled denim dungarees made to order by Bebeloo via Etsy

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