#1 Nana and Grandad’s garden on a lovely warm day is ideal for stripping off and venturing forth into the dandelion jungle. I have so many of him up close but liked this one for it’s candidness.

#2 Listening to Grandad talking about his bees at dinnertime after a long day playing in the garden.

I really liked these captures from week 20, all joining in with Che & Fidel…

Cinnamon Girl in t’shirt and wellies; such a joy!

Thrifty Gifty’s two with their stunning eyes. Just look at those cherub lips in the first shot.

Not for the first time, little Bo’s shots on Inked in Colour have caught my eye and my heart!

Sammy pops with colour in this urban capture. These are such cool photos.

Sunny and Kaki on Blog a la Cart. Great photos and it’s cool to know that Sunny was blowing dandelion seeds the same week as my Boy was.

4 thoughts on “21/52

    • Thanks Mammasaurus, so glad you liked my pictures from this week 🙂 I had to get lost a little myself in order to take the picture and it was really quite nice!

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