#1 A pretty regular ‘look’ of late; like most 2 year olds you know what you want, and you want it immediately. On this occasion you just wanted to be left alone to play your game of farmers, wearing Grandad’s ear defenders and helmet.
#2 At 6.5 years old you’re feeling far more aware of yourself and how others perceive you. At a family gathering you were feeling a bit shy amongst relatives you haven’t seen for a while.

This week’s pictures really capture expressions we see regularly around here and, while they may not be my best pictures of the week, they are the most honest. Here are a couple of other favourites which I want to share, just because It was hard to choose…



It’s also getting harder, and harder, to choose a few favourites from all the other submissions. Perhaps people truly are getting more skilled and careful with their shots? I particularly liked these ones:

Little Viking Alfred; fishing net, stripes, sandy toes and a concentration tongue. Love him.

Little Bub and his quirky toddler ways. He is man after my own heart…original Saltwaters in classic navy and some juicy Bensimon tennis pumps…only I’m not sure I’d mix and match in the same way!

Tiny expat Stella turns 3 in style; wonderfully captured.

These completely gorgeous eyes peeking over the table, at Baby Space.

All these and more, joining in with Jodi over at Che & Fidel.

One thought on “22/52

  1. Such beautiful boys you have and I absolutely recognize that look your two year old pulls of. Alfred is two as well.
    Thank you for having me and Alfred amongst your favourites.

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