Wild Things

There are some things I’m not wild about. In fact, there is one thing in particular that I most detest. In the early hours Boy 1 appeared at the side of my bed and uttered the words ‘Mummy, I feel sick’. As a parent, what is your initial reaction to this inevitable statement? Sympathy? Irritation? Mine is absolute, pure, fear. I am an emetaphobe. For as long as I can remember, I have suffered with an irrational, obsessional fear of vomiting. So much so that I sometimes wonder how on earth I ever managed to convince myself that I could be a mother. After all, the first hurdle would be probable morning sickness. That alone was almost enough to put me off. But I coped (and got away with weeks of nausea only, both times). And I continue to cope when the boys are poorly but let me tell you now, it is hands down the worst parenting issue I deal with. I know, sounds crazy, right? I would love to rid myself of this useless waste of emotional energy I’ve carried with me forever. The only thing left to try is hypnotherapy. I’ve tried every other therapy there is to no avail. And of course I have an absolutely huge responsibility not to pass this fear on to my children. So whilst my brain is gearing itself into flight mode, my body has to go into fight mode when one of the boys utters those words, whilst all the time pretending that everything is just fine.

Thankfully, apart from a headache and feeling wishy-washy my bigger boy turned out to be fine (though if I could cross my fingers and type at the same time I would because this phobia also makes me incredibly superstitious). But a day off from school was needed for us to catch up on some sleep and make sure we were definitely OK. All of us are over tired and feeling flaky so, in celebration of Maurice Sendak’s birthday, we’re sprawled on the sofa watching an ancient Scholastic version of Where The Wild Things Are, and some other musical stories by the same late, great talent on DVD. This after a long day of playing Lego and sorting the toy box out.

Here is my own little Wild Thing, so proud to have lost his first two milk teeth in the same day at the end of last week. Pirate grimaces were in abundance for the following 24 hours…


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