#1 We walked the track that Daddy rides by motorbike. It was windy, trying to rain and unseasonably cold but you were happy playing soldiers.

#2 This cheery face tells a bit of a fib. In reality you were a pretty grumpy walker, whinging your way down the hill and whining the way back up. But you were pleased for a moment when you got your hands on the rifle sized stick; you are so very lucky to have a kind big brother.

It feels as though summer is over and these pictures go a long way in demonstrating just how pants the weather has been. Why on earth is it called the Great British Summer? I can think of plenty more appropriate names to call it, can’t you?

My favourites from last week are here. Playing along with the wonderful Che & Fidel

Wonderful shots of Finn and Harper over at We Stood Together. I like that you couldn’t choose just two…

What beautiful shots of Advay riding his bike at dusk. Simply wonderful.

Two wonderful big brothers covering their new baby brother in love. How lovely is this?

7 thoughts on “23/52

  1. Hi Lou, I’m Jen, and I just spied your thumbnail over at Jodi’s 52 project. Gorgeous shots. I’ll grab a cup of tea and have a good look around your blog. Your photos are just lovely.

    • Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 its been a bit of bonkers few days here but the minute my backside hits the sofa I’m going to be having a lovely look around your space, too x

    • You’re very welcome, Laura! Yeah, the weather is starting to annoy me but on that particular day there were times when the clouds made for a better picture so there really is a silver lining to the Great British Summer! Thanks for taking the time to visit x

    • Thanks Marie, Boy 1 was really pleased with this photo of himself playing in the wind with the storm brewing. thanks for visiting; It’s appreciated x

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