To lift the spirits

The past week has been a little, well, down and out. The weather is changeable, things haven’t gone entirely to plan, and we’re dealing with being poorly to boot. My Monday night escape with the Lemon Zingers was a god send yesterday evening, as always (what will I do when the term comes to an end, I wonder?). Singing really does lift the spirits. But in the absence of a great three part harmony, the following little things bring a smile to my face. After all, sometimes it’s fun to simply look at nice stuff, right?

Etsy bracelets

Archie ear defenders


Jody tractor



#1 Beautiful bracelets available via Etsy, by Genevieve Williamson, from her shop Jibby and Juna.
#2 Boy 1 at age 2.5yrs – the same age his brother is now
#3 Sunshine yellow baby Bloomers by Arch190, available via Etsy
#4 Boy 2’s tractor love.
#5 Bensimon Tennis shoes for kids in coral
#6 Indikidual Spring Summer 2013. A gorgeous kid’s brand with equally gorgeous photography.

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