#1 Those cheeky eyes as you attempt to avoid having your picture taken yet again.
#2 Not letting go of the beach ball you claimed as your own at the school fayre, you are finally back to your usual self; Little Lord Feisty.

I was pleased and excited to see some link backs to my pictures from last week. Yay! I’m seriously considering a photography course so that I can really learn how to use the camera, and maybe a Photoshop or Lightroom course, too. I’m really enjoying this project but I want to do so much more than I can and feel limited in both skills and equipment. It’s incredible that this week’s pictures mark the halfway point in both the project and the year. Where does it go, seriously?

Sharing some love, these bloggers are also joining in with Che & Fidel and were my favourites from last week…

Tucky and Banjo enjoying the winter rain down under…how come even rubbish weather looks like more fun there than here?!

Ashley’s hubby and their baby. I love the light, the tattoos, the kind little touch on baby’s leg. And how cool is it that someone wants to take photos of their husband for this project rather than their children?

Sofia and Otto; gorgeous and unusual captures. I noticed several Aussie mums taking photos of their children at this light show last week but this was my favourite

Ruby, Cole and Eliot; not the first time I’ve picked your mamma’s shots amongst my favourites. I just really like the colours, light, and composition in all three. I particularly love the one of little Eliot in the double bed…not well, just like my little man in my bed last week. Hope he’s all better now?

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