#1 We had a wonderful weekend camping in Nanny’s garden. The weather was fantastic so you cooled down in the shade of the tree and recharged with a peanut butter sandwich.

#2 Daddy hung a new swing in Nanny’s tree. You were great at swinging high without fear but not quite so great at cheerfully taking turns. But that’s OK; you’re only 2 after all.

I had a really hard time narrowing own my favourites from last week. Not intentionally, and with the exception of one which I simply could not leave out, they are all waterside captures. Here they are:

Sunny and Kaki watching Daddy on the lake. Such lovely, pretty shots…the way the reeds peep out of the water.

Such handsome boys on Bostrom Blog. I like the shots here every week but these ones are particularly great.

Little Evita and her watery reflection. This would be a great shot all by itself but the reflection just
nails it.

Anaru dipping his tootsies into the winter sea. Such a sweet shot.

And finally, not watery but simply wonderful is this capture of little Theo over at Abigail and the Future. It’s just magical…I want a shot of my boys as special as this.


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