Home & Away

It’s funny how you can be so close to home and yet feel like you’ve been away. We’re so lucky that The Man’s parents live exactly a mile away from us. And though they’re only just down the road, it’s like stepping into another world. So when we had a communal kids camp-out with friends and neighbours in their garden last weekend, it felt as though we’d had a mini break. Delicious food, good company, great weather, happy kids playing together and sleeping through. Yes, really sleeping through. I’m seriously considering a permanent move to the tent just to enjoy unbroken sleep. Here are some pictures…









Having acquired a taste for being outside and enjoying the sunshine, spending time with family, eating, drinking and generally being lazy we’ve started looking at going away together towards the end of the summer. France, perhaps? It would be lovely to be unhindered by school term dates but I think a return there in September is on the cards, despite our earlier decision. I’ll post about that when I’m not quite so sad about it.

3 thoughts on “Home & Away

  1. beautiful boys!!

    I hate that you’re feeling sad about the possible decision re’ school. Don’t forget though, that if it doesn’t feel like it’s working it’s never too late to change your mind! You’re looking at the situation closely enough to jump on things before anything gets too bad!

    Lots of love

    Andie x

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