#1 You won your running race again this year so I’m not sure why you look so grumpy. Perhaps it’s because Mr Fidge also gave me a 1st place sticker for being the most enthusiastic (embarrassing) parent? I’ll try not to be quite so loud next time. You may not have been proud of me, but I was very proud of you.

#2 We spotted a public footpath and stile leading into a field with poppies. I couldn’t resist, despite a battle with some rather nasty stinging nettles to get there. You are pretty petrified of flying insects so standing in a field full of flowers was not my best idea to date. Sorry!

I wish I had more time to look through each and every photo submitted to the 52 Project each week. Instead I tend to only click on the thumbnails that really catch my eye. I’m sure I must miss some gems doing it this way but I also manage to find some beauties, too. Here are this week’s:

Look at little man Oliver in his Saltwater Sandals at Joshua Tree. Just too cool.

Matilda in her cosy, tweedy, makeshift bed. The colour and composition do it for me.

This little lady in her wellies and cossy sitting on her steps. Blue and yellow always catches my eye.

Oliver’s kisses for his Daddy and their wonderful view to the horizon.


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