#1 You look angelic yet these days you are anything but. I hate to say it but you’re really testing my patience on an hourly basis. I think you and I may be in for an incredibly rocky ride…
#2 You’re constantly hungry at the moment, probably because you’re shooting up after being the little one amongst your group of friends for so long. If only we could get you to eat something other than bread, peanut butter, pizza, and pasta with pesto.

OK, this week has been a complete wash out, from my mood to my photos, and pretty much everything in between. The Man persuaded me to make the switch from auto to manual, and I’ve swapped lenses too. Most of my attempts were dire, but I started to get into the swing of things by the end of the weekend. I even took a picture of Boy1 that I was so happy with, I put the camera to one side and decided to watch them play instead, thinking I’d nailed it for the week. Wrong.

I accidentally deleted that picture from the camera just before downloading to the computer. It was enough to start me off crying and I’ve not quite managed to claw my way back out of my sorry mood since. Let’s just call this week a blip in the Project, OK?

Both boys, in their own individual ways, have been really hard work in the past few weeks. I’ve been so looking forward to the summer holidays but now, on the cusp of the final day at school, I am completely dreading it. Boy 2 has decided to try his hand at an extreme version of the terrible twos just in time to coincide with Boy1 entering into a new phase of…’quirkiness’. And somehow, I’m supposed to make this scenario sit comfortably, not only with The Man working from home most days from the dining room table, but also with an experimental/baptism by fire trial of homeschooling. I don’t mean to sound negative but it ain’t looking good, is it?!

There have been some highs amongst these lows, of course. There are quite a few snippets of news that I’ve been meaning to share on here but time has just not been in abundance. Must try harder…

Back to Project 52, I can’t quite believe that at 29 weeks into this challenge I am still finding new blogs and photos to share as favourites. Here are my picks from week 28, joining in at Che & Fidel

Cowabunga, dude! Stella and her daddy’s old Ninja Turtle. Great photo that made me smile.

Lola. Simply a beautiful picture, with lovely words about your favourites.

Oh Olive, you are just beautiful. Geese are funny buggers; I don’t blame you at all being scared.

Charlie and Edie in the field of barley. These are simply stunning and a rare opportunity captured here in the UK where we’re enjoying a well deserved heat wave!

Lu’s tootsies in her striped hammock; just yummy.


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