30/52 (or how to tell the difference between a tayberry and a raspberry



#1 Caught in the act with a mouthful of Tayberries. Technically stealing but they were too delicious to resist. I love that you love food and are willing to try everything. You were quite insistent on wearing a tea towel as an apron before picking any fruit, funny little man.

#2 For you fruit picking was all about who could fill their punnet first rather than trying out a new flavour. You found the thorns difficult to navigate and wouldn’t eat a tayberry because you didn’t like the smell. But you were happy anyway, running so fast with your pickings that they turned to juice before we were done!






On the first day of the school holidays The Man was working from home on something which required complete concentration so we had to fill our day doing something, anything, outside of the house. We started off by going raspberry picking at our local PYO farm. Nanny came with us. Somehow we ended up picking Tayberries instead of raspberries. Not a big issue as they’re delicious. But ouch; they’re tastier and more expensive than raspberries! Nanny has an excuse not to know the difference, having lived in London the whole of her life, but I perhaps ought to have recognised that they weren’t just a humble raspberry. I was just starting to think they might be a mutant GMO variety when we went into the next row and found the actual raspberries. Just as well Boy2 ate his own body weight in tayberries before we had to go and pay for our pickings!

There were some really great pictures submitted in week 29. I found it hard to narrow my choice of favourites down to a sensible amount. Here they are:

My ABSOLUTE favourite from last week, and possibly from the whole project so far, was this stickle brick and glasses shot of Eleanor over at Meg Pie. Fantastic!

Beautiful light and a range of real emotions captured by Jane Mabel.

Maile’s gorgeous dark hair and eyes against a white backdrop. Just so lovely on the eye.

A little ones bright blue eyes against a dark green background. I remember Boy1’s eyes being this colour and yet now, at age 6, there is as much grey and green in them as blue. Still stunning, just different.

Rufus with his selfie fringe cut. Oh how cute but devastating for mum. I did the same at the same and so did my niece. I just KNOW that Boy2 will…I am dreading the day. Awesome Bobo Choses sweatshirt, too…jumped on over to buy one but alas, none left in the right size…

I know I’ve picked from Lamb Loves Fox blog several times before but I just love her pictures. These are breathtaking.

All these and more joining in with Jodi at Che & Fidel.

2 thoughts on “30/52 (or how to tell the difference between a tayberry and a raspberry

    • Thanks Milena! I know when this project started and we were in the depths of a particularly long and cold winter in the UK I found it almost painful to look at all the gorgeous Australian pictures of summer! It’s been a good one here so far, but the typically British weather has been in full effect today…thanks for visiting x

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