Salt-Water love

Last year I discovered my love of Salt-Water sandals, and the little kid versions, Sun-Sans. A long standing design classic in the States, Salt-Waters are relatively new to the UK but have established themselves as a summer must-have already. Both boys wore the Surfer style Sun-Sans last year, from our Italian holiday in the May and all summer long. This year my navy Originals feel even more comfy than they did last year, and Boy1 chose to have the same style in tan. He made an awesome choice; they look great.




I’m quite sure that many older boys (mine’s nearly 7) might not wear the Originals even though they’re unisex. Or maybe it’s the parents who aren’t convinced here in the UK about this sandal on bigger boys? I’m so glad we went with his choice; he got it just right. After all, they look great and feel comfy. They run, climb, pedal, jump, paddle and go in the washing machine. Perfect. My only regret? Not forking out to get Boy2 a pair of Originals, too. He has some crumby old hand me down Crocs to use, and I just couldn’t justify it. Now we’re going on holiday to France at the end of the month I’m kind of gutted I didn’t just blow the budget. They’re worth every single penny but, as I sit here with a cardy on and a blanket on my legs, I get the impression that Autumn is waiting in the wings…

2 thoughts on “Salt-Water love

  1. I found this post on Pinterest. I had all three of my boys is Saltwater sandals from the time they were two. Even here in the US I had comments about them wearing “girl shoes,” by those whose children wore Spiderman sandals. The fact is, if you have a boy who loves puddles, beaches, mud, dirt or general filth, these are so practical because they can be hosed off and look great for church on Sunday. They seemed to last forever and could be handed down at least once. Totally worth the price.

    Your photos and your boys are darling.

  2. Hi Lacie; so glad your way to us from Pinterest 🙂 I just don’t get the whole gender stereotyping thing surrounding kids clothes and products and toys. Drives me nuts! And yes, we will be embracing the Saltwater love for both of our boys again this summer. In fact, they’ll be ordered and on their way as soon as pay day rolls around 🙂 I’m grateful that since we home educate, my boys are under less pressure to conform than they might otherwise have been if they were at school. Thanks for commenting and please visit again x

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