#1 It was windy, it was sunny, you climbed and pushed yourself just a tiny bit beyond your comfort zone. Once you found your feet you were the best of helpers to your brother.

#2 So determined and fearless to follow each and every step your brother took, you even gracefully accepted his guidance which is something, considering you hate to be helped.

We took a trip out to the coast to Reculver Towers. It was so windy but fantastic! I’m not entirely sure an ancient monument should really be treated as a play park but that’s probably just the stuffy old historian in me surfacing. The wind just added to the perceived element of danger. I think other parents often consider me to be ever so slightly complacent, especially where Boy2 is concerned. But I’m trying hard to let go and allow the boys to manage their own risks and determine their own capabilities. Boy1 is naturally cautious and Boy2 is naturally reckless but incredibly capable. I love having boys!






After an age climbing and jumping we headed down to the beach for some fun, leaving a couple of hours later with yet another collection of pebbles. I think our next beach trip ought to be a sandy one

***very quickly edited to add my favourites from week 31 of Jodi’s 52 Project: a teething little one watching Peppa Pig/Theo and his trains/Four beautiful faces from a Little Bit of Sunshine/Cameras and curls at Oyster and Pearl’s.

11 thoughts on “32/52

    • Thank you so much, very kind. It was one of those days and one of those backdrops. I’m sure if I’d planned it, it would have been a disaster! X

    • You see they’re fine on the iPad or mobiles but on a proper pc they annoy the heck out of my but I don’t know how to switch them off from moving! I’m sure there’s a way to do it but I dunno how. Glad you like them though! X (see I chose pics of Theo as some of my favourites from last week…genuinely loved them, not being biased in anyway!)

    • Thanks Jennifer for such a lovely comment! This project has been inspirational, full stop, I reckon. And its amazing that each week I find a new blogger I never knew existed. Love it! Thanks for visiting and picking me as a favourite again; I’m genuinely honoured x

  1. Beautiful shots! Your boys look like such adventurers – what a fun way to spend a day. Found your blog from the 52 project, your photos here are all so lovely! Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

    • Thank you, Luana! I’m getting later and later with the project each week but clinging on to staying on board! We’re off on holiday for 2 weeks very soon with no wi fi (eek!) and I’ll really miss contributing and looking at everyone else’s submissions. Thanks for visiting x

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