Fortune favours the brave…

…so we’ve taken the plunge. Instead of going ‘back to school’ last Thursday, we extended our holiday in France, arriving home late on Saturday night. Today was our first official day of homeschool. The summer holiday has all but seamlessly morphed into the start of our new term, our new way of living. I say almost seamlessly; I’ve had my own moments of quiet apprehension, particularly the day I wrote to the head teacher requesting de-registration. I was entirely on my own, unusual at the best of times, and I’ll confess now that I cried. I would have cried again when a lack of stamps forced me to hand deliver the letter to the school, all locked up and silent as it was, but I had #2 with me so I bit my lip instead. Again, last week on the day he should have been going back, rather than enjoying the French sunshine I felt unsettled and restless all day, concerned whether we’ve made the right decision. Perhaps our Boy has had the same niggles? But apart from asking whether he’ll see the school again, he seems entirely comfortable with his new situation. We’re giving it a year and then who knows?

In the meantime, we’ve had an absolutely fantastic fortnight in France (more about that later), after a really great summer full stop. A complete lack of wi-fi and very limited phone reception while away has meant that I’m nearly three weeks out of bonk with the 52 Project. There are many, many photos waiting to be sorted. But in the meantime, here are some captures from earlier in the summer which somehow seem to convey how I feel about this new beginning…




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