#1 Hanging out by the pool. The best time of day was the evening where you busied yourself in one way or another.

#2 Ready to jump in. Nana’s goggles, apparently, made all the difference.

As you’d expect, the water confidence of both boys grew massively while away, starting on the evening we arrived (yes, I made sure the swimming stuff was on the top of the packing!). It was Boy1 who surprised us the most with how much his confidence and ability increased. The challenge to retrieve €2 coins from the bottom of the pool provided the incentive. The progression from doing the doggy paddle in the shallow end only, to swimming under water, diving down to the bottom of the deep end, and, on our last day there, swimming a length with his own special version of the front crawl was brilliant to witness. Unsurprisingly, it was Boy2 who provided the only swimming related drama but he bobbed back up to the surface very quickly and didn’t choke. Nanny G was the hero of the hour, running and jumping in fully clothed to carry out the rescue (though in my defence, I did raise the alarm by shouting ‘Oh Shit’ very loudly!). The view from the garden, over the pool and out onto the countryside was simply wonderful. I want to be back there now…



Joining in with Jodi from Che & Fidel as we move from Summer into Autumn. I love to share favourites from other contributors each week but on this occasion if I stop to choose a few I’ll be so late submitting it’ll be next week already! Hopefully back on track now.

2 thoughts on “36/52

    • Yes Emma, she didn’t hang about, it was impressive! He had his armbands on, thankfully (golden rule for the whole holiday). He was on the dinghy one minute, and then off it in the deep end the next. No harm done, apart from to my nerves!!

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