#1 You got to have a hands-on morning in the Anthropology & Conservation department at the University of Kent. What an opportunity. You were drawn to this moonscape wall at the end of the corridor and stood for quite a while, mesmerised.
#2 Oh look, it’s your frowny face! Not your prettiest expression but one we see quite a bit of. You were cross and I was torn (and therefore not giving you undivided attention). Torn between your brother, who was at the shoreline, the homeschool group all busy with a craft activity on the beach, and you. You just love the beach huts but not without company so in the end I had to follow.

I’m guessing more and more of my weekly photos will be related to one homeschooling activity or another as we settle into our new groove. I thought it might mean I’d have many more photos to choose from but, for this week at least, there were very few. I’m also struggling with my camera a little, too. I’ve not been happy with far too many shots recently. When I first took the DSLR off of the automatic setting and switched to manual I was quite exited by the improvements I saw, however subtle. But now the opposite is true. I think there may be an issue with the light sensor. And there is definitely a flaw with my preferred lens which leaves a red line down each shot, more noticeable in some pictures than others. The Man pointed out that a bad workman always blames his tools (and that at the very least I should read the instruction manual). He’s probably right but you know, I think perhaps I should start looking at upgrading anyway!

Here are my favourites from last week’s submissions to Jodi’s 52 Project:

Just look at little Fox in his specs. Awesome/Rich, earthy tones and total cuteness over at Airstream Family/Theo dipping his fingers in The Stour; I must take my boys on the river soon/Milk Please Mum, you’ve stolen my heart again, especially little Eliot/Oh Wilf, you are just wonderful. This picture is so full of joy.


7 thoughts on “38/52

    • Thanks, Aimee. Life is a little more relaxed now we’re homeschooling. We were very far from relaxed before. I’m not saying we’re without stress (I am, after all, still me!) but the pace is definitely slower xxx

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